We research and design
    to innovate
    By understanding people and their cultures, we help businesses find new opportunities and turn them into innovative designs,
    services and strategies.
    We innovate by focussing on people’s lives and understanding wider social influences. We design and create business strategies by understanding both the values of our clients and the opportunities of the market.
    At INTO we look beyond the consumer stereotypes and see real people. We research by taking part in people’s lives and learn about their world. We go much deeper to explore perceptions and behaviours, and wider to examine the social and cultural trends which frame these behaviours.
    With our insights and your expertise we can create new and innovative outcomes that will make your business stand out in the market.
    We research on two levels
    On a MICRO level we focus on individuals and their behaviours and attitudes. On the MACRO, we analyse the wider, relevant social and cultural trends.

    This helps our clients to see emerging behaviours, as well as the context in which their company, products and services exist.

    It also allows us to evaluate what will influence our clients’ ventures in the coming years and develop robust business strategies for the future.
    At INTO each process is tailored to our client's needs.
    Collaboration is central to such a process.

    We create bespoke teams of researchers, strategists, social scientists, designers and business experts for each individual brief.

    The briefing question is explored together with the client to understand specific innovation needs. In the past we have been asked to consider questions such as:

    • What’s the future of my industry and what launch strategies should we adopt for the next years?

    • How do our consumers perceive our brand, how do they interact with the product and how could we improve it to increase our sales?


    We carefully plan and carry out field research.

    The findings from this are analysed and translated into either design concepts, innovation opportunities or business strategies.

    At this stage we also validate our proposals.


    At the execution stage chosen concepts are developed further. This could include 3D design development and specifying technical details.

    In the past we have also worked with clients’ internal design teams to ensure the research and concepts are successfully translated into practice.

    Our experience covers a wide range of industries and sectors.

    The clients we’ve worked with recently include one of the world’s most loved manufacturers of construction toys, one of the world’s biggest medical companies, as well as a major mobile communication device manufacturer in North America.

    Below is a range of services we could include in a project.

    Depending on a project's requirements and budget, we can choose from a whole portfolio of services in order to ensure the most suitable and successful outcomes.

    User research

    Current and ideal user profiling

    Socio-cultural and design trends


    Competition and market analysis

    Guerrilla usability testing

    UX research and design
    Visual language development

    Creative workshops

    Concept testing and validation

    Co-creation workshops

    Brand DNA and strategy

    Innovation training

    3-D design
    The core team of Studio INTO is based in London. Their multidisciplinary approach combines their expertise and experience in areas such as product design, visual communication, architecture, innovation management, sociology and anthropology. They also collaborate with an expanding global network of Cultural Guides, currently spread across five continents, who are part of the team during international projects, helping to understand social and cultural insights from local points of view.


    Joanna is the director and a founder of Studio INTO. She combines creative, strategic and social science skills. She is an expert in turning user insights into innovation, developing co-creation and creative workshops, research methodologies and brand strategies. After graduating with BA Hons. Product Design from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design she worked as a designer at Tin Horse Design Ltd., where she was articulating brand values through 3-D packaging. Joanna then studied for an MSc in Culture and Society at London School of Economics, which encompassed social science disciplines such as sociology, anthropology and social psychology. With a specialisation in in-depth consumer research, and cultural and social trend analysis, she joined the design and innovation consultancy Seymourpowell as a Senior Design Researcher and Strategist in their Foresight team. In 2011 she founded Studio INTO. Joanna has managed cultural research and innovation projects for brands such as P&G, LEGOwear, Nokia, Policy Lab/Cabinet Office, MaxiCosi, Bupa, McDonalds and Gate Gourmet. Joanna also has been lecturing at Central Saint Martins as Associate Lecturer, at London School of Economics on the Entrepreneurship Programme and is Visiting Professor at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, Department of Design, Dessau, Germany.

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